Older Kid Club

The Older Kid Club is preparing for battle against the younger kid club, but you don’t know the rules of war.

Rule #1: If you scream or cry out for any reason in battle you are dead for the battle.

Rule #2: If a body part is hit then it is out for the battle, neck slashes and chest hits near heart cause death, stomach hits other chest hits can cause limping.

Rule #3: In order to capture a club you must stick your weapon in the ground at the center of the club, state who you are claiming it for, and then count out 10 Mississippi’s. When this is complete the club has been transferred and battle is over

Rule #4: In order to win the war you must gain a good portion of ground claimed for your club and call a final battle which must be won.

Rule #5: No head shots. EVER!

Unspoken Rule: If you cause someone to get seriously injured anywhere from stitches and up you automatically lose the war for your club and are seriously disgraced. You better go be begging for forgiveness and take your punishment with courage.

So now that you know the rules what type of solider are you going to be?

Tree Artillery


Foot Solider


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