The Land of Hyrule

Hyrule is as diverse as the races that populate it. Each place has characteristics of its own and in which the residents have adapted to its climate and atmosphere. The people who live there are a branch of the land itself, they are the land personified. Most of the population consists of diverse peoples, but the most concentrated group are the Hylians, who are the human-like race of Hyrule (Zelda Wiki). They are said to be the “chosen people” of the goddess, in which they have a certain magic running through their veins, this also explains their elf-like appearance and pointed ears (Gombos et al. 77). The term “Hyrulean,” on the contrary, refers to the collective races as a whole living in the land (Zelda Wiki). The following places are described from the unique perspectives of the people who reside in those regions:

~Gerudo Valley

~Kokiri Forest

~Death Mountain

~Zora’s Domain

~Kakariko Village

~Hyrule Castle Town

Map of Hyrule

Map of Hyrule


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