Kokiri Forest

The Kokiri Forest


A breeze flows gently through the forest. Green and lush, a place of serenity and peace, the Kokiri Forest is ours, the Kokiri (Zelda Wiki). We live under the wisdom and guidance of the Great Deku Tree (Zeldapedia). The essence and soul of the tree is what keeps the forest breathing and alive. We are the home of the Forest Temple which withholds treasures and secrets of its own (Zelda Wiki).


The Deku people are descendants of the Great Tree and portray physical characteristics of the forest, resembling leaves and branches as if they had just fallen from the tree (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker). We the Kokiri are the children of the forest, we never age (Zelda Wiki). We are bonded to fairies, and they are our guardians and companions who protect us (Zeldapedia).


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