Hyrule Castle Town

Bustling noise and chatter fill the town as people exchange information and goods. Stone brick streets offer swift passage and clean cut spaces between buildings and shops to navigate. Two story brick buildings with thatched roofs are the homes and livelihoods for many Hyruleans. Because the town is located in proximity to Hyrule Castle, the city is surrounded by a tall stone wall with one entrance (Zeldapedia). The entrance is a drawbridge, accessible only by the hours that the sun smiles down on the city (Zeldapedia). At night it is lifted up, the streets empty and darkness settles densely into alleys. The moat surrounding the city, is fed by Zora’s River (Zeldapedia). The most significant feature is the Temple of Time located on the outskirts of the city. The Temple of Time is the ground from which the Master Sword was retrieved by the Hero of Time, and also to where it was returned (Zeldapedia).

Hyrule Castle Town

Hyrule Castle Town


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