Gerudo Valley

Gerudo Valley


The wind, parched and scorching, sweeps through the land. The sun grins wickedly on us as we labor throughout the day. We the Gerudo people, are the only dwellers of the desert lands. We cannot hide from the sun and light, yet we are secluded from the eyes of other peoples, distance keeps our sanctity from being disrupted. The land is harsh and unforgiving, and we are a people adjusted to the hardships of life, trained in battle and war.


We are warriors, and survivors. In our valley of dunes resides our Fortress, it is the home of our people and the center of our everyday lives (Zeldapedia). There are no men here. We are strong women drifting in an ocean of sand, beached on an island nowhere. We need no one, but every 100 years by tradition, a male is born into our midst and we give him the honor of leading our people (Zelda Wiki). That is the way of the desert peoples.

Gerudo Valley


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