Atlantis – The Fact

We look for adventure, we look for the dough,
We look for science, we look because we know.
It’s out there, it must be, it can’t be a myth!
This time might be our first or it might be our fifth!
But we’re not all crazy (though some are it’s true)
We have reasons, they’re good ones, here I’ll show you!

From cities like Troy or Minoa we know,
Our myths can be histories and nature can show
That our cities of humans are tiny and weak.
An earthquake a wave, can brush us off Earth’s cheek.
The great city Troy, veiled in the sand.
Tsunamis destroyed all Minoa so grand.

Now, one great theory has found Atlantis its place!
We think coastal Spain was the empire’s space.
In a once ancient bay, now Doñana Park
We’ve found on the ground, the city’s last mark.
There are giant patterns, vague, on the ground.
Must be islands of Atlantis, because they’re so round!

And that isn’t our last piece of evidence you see,
Off the coast we found walls that weren’t made naturally!
We’re awaiting permission and funds to continue our search,
But we’ll find it, you’ll see, the whole world will lurch!
So we look for adventure, we look for the dough,
We look for science, because all this we know.

Despite so much evidence that seems to pile against the existence of Atlantis, there are many, including serious researchers who believe this lost city once existed. These serious scientists are often faced with ridicule and derision, but they believe there is enough evidence to prove that it had existed. Atlantis has been placed by researchers everywhere on Earth: from the Arctic, to the Caribbean, to Europe. (Atlantis: Is It Real?) One group of researchers believes that they have found the location of Atlantis in Doñana Park in Spain. (Finding Atlantis) They use aerial photography to look for anomalies and patterns in the ground and sub-soil sonar mapping to see if they can detect unnatural underground formations that might be buried roads, buildings, and other evidence. Now they are awaiting further permission and funding to excavate for more solid evidence.

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