Atlantis – The Destruction

From the widest of Oceans then travelled by boat
The men of Poseidon our records re-wrote
Atlantis was strong on her islands of sand
Her power crossed waters, reached then into land.
Tyrennia to Egypt, Atlantis did rule
Some subjects unwilling, declaring it cruel.

Ancestors of Athens stood tall for a fight.
They’d not let Atlantis tame them with her might!
Triumph for Atlantis was not in the skies
The resistance called victory, halting her rise.
And nobody knew of the gods’ discontent
Destruction and terror would be their vent.

One day and one night was all that it took.
The gods threw their fits until the ground shook.
Great cracks in the Earth ravenous for men’s flesh
Swallowed the fighters, dirt and bodies enmeshed.
The water in walls made the great city drown.
The island itself the tsunami tore down.

All of its power and tyranny great
Destroyed by nature, pulled into the straight.
Reduced now to bars of impassible sand,
Atlantis no longer ruled all of the lands.
Forgotten by history, remembered by one,
This tale of destruction cannot be undone.

Perhaps the most famous characteristic of Atlantis is its mysterious, overnight disappearance. Although many theories surrounding this event have come to surface, they all originate with Plato’s description in Timaeus and Critias (Plato’s Complete Story of Atlantis). He tells of a war between the people of Atlantis and the ancestors of the Greeks, when the Atlantians became so greedy that their empire reached from Africa to Europe. The rebels won, but soon after, earthquakes plagued the area, engulfing the army in the ground and stirring the tsunamis that destroyed the island.

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