Atlantis – The Creation

Poseidon the mighty was given his lot,
An island of great size, the land that he got.
On it lived only a man and his wife,
They’d lived in the mountain for all of their life.
Their daughter grew beautiful as they grew old,
And when they had passed, Poseidon grew bold.

The woman, Cleito, bore him 10 sons,
He loved her so but her heart he’d not won.
So he churned up the soil and stirred up the sea,
Made two rings of land and of water made three.
In the middle he summoned two valuable springs,
One fountain of cold, one hot water brings.

He brought from the ground good food of all kinds,
He provided them also with valuable mines,
After ensuring his descendants would thrive,
The eldest, Atlas, he commanded to drive.
After this son the whole ocean was named:
The Atlantic, and too the empire he claimed.

Atlantis, the wealthiest kingdom of all!
Atlantis, so strong that she never could fall!
Atlantis, her walls lined with bronze, tin, and gold!
Atlantis, the city of orichalcum I’m told!
Atlantis, the empire of ornate décor!
Atlantis, of bridges, canals, and much more!

The story of Atlantis began to provoke imaginations when Plato wrote about it in Timaeus and Critias. (Plato’s Complete Story of Atlantis) He wrote that the events of Atlantis’s creation and destruction were recorded by Egyptian historians, and he relays this history in great detail. In his account he explained that Poseidon shaped the island into concentric circles, and the people of Atlantis grew to rule a vast empire that brought the city much wealth. Plato describes an island with fertile fields for growing food, orchards, exotic animals, bridges and canals to connect the circular islands and bays, walls coated with precious metals, and palaces, bath-houses, and other buildings decorated with beautiful carvings, murals, metals, and statues.

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