The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule

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The Origin of Hyrule

In an era of chaos, where there was no form or order, and beyond any concept of atmosphere, space existed exclusively. The heavens were nebulous and undefined, neither evil nor good and neither light nor dark occupied it (Gombos et al. 71). The world had no name, or characteristics; it was amorphous. This is when the goddesses looked out at the universe and saw in their eyes a vision of something like a star. They wanted to create a world molded by their hands, and envisioned it as poignant and beautiful, worthy to be inscribed by their names. Din, the goddess of power formed the land with her finger tips, shaping it like clay in her hands (Gombos et al. 70). Nayru, the goddess of wisdom, created order in this world, where justice and values and construction would reign (Gombos et al. 70). Farore, the goddess of courage sculpted the many inhabitants and races of their world (Gombos et al. 70). They are her children. And the land was called Hyrule (Gombos et al. 77).

Even though they created the land, they wished not to remain there and rule over it (Gombos et al. 70). It was their greatest piece of art, yet it was abandoned in order to become something more, to build an identity of its own. But they left a gift, the Triforce, upon their departure (Gombos et al. 70). Three golden triangles, when pieced together formed one larger triangle of unique appearance, and as such composed the Triforce (Gombos et al. 70). Each triangle represented one of the goddesses’ power which when fused, would grant the possessor their deepest wishes if the person so desired to extend their reach, and caress the heirloom with their fingertips (Gombos et al. 70). Such a powerful gift could not be left unguarded, so the goddesses entrusted its protection in the hands of the goddess Hylia for whom the land was named (Gombos et al. 77). The Triforce, left in a land that did embody both good and evil, became what was to be the center of battles throughout the centuries and an enticing fantasy of those who knew of its power. This was the goddesses’ lasting mark upon the world.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Setting the Stage

The overarching events, people, and relics have affected what has become known as Hyrule. The atmosphere and themes surrounding the lands have been built upon these things and personify those characteristics. The stage is set around the Triforce, and the ancient battle between the goddess Hylia and the Demon King Demise (Gombos et al. 71).

Because the Triforce does not distinguish between bad or good, there are no discriminating boundaries to prevent a person from attempting to withhold its unique power (Gombos at el. 70). The only conditions required are qualities formed within; a resilient heart, extraordinary skills and innate ability, in addition to a balance of the three virtues that embody the triforce (Gombos et al. 70). In contrast, if someone who does not possess these characteristics attempt to steal the Triforce for themselves, it will shatter into three separate pieces (Gombos et al. 70). The finder will receive the piece that shares the same defining characteristics relating to the goddess’ triangle (Gombos et al. 70). The other two pieces will appear as crests on the hands of two individuals, chosen by the will of the goddess Hylia (Gombos et al. 70). One can recreate the Triforce by reuniting the shattered and disjointed pieces (Gombos et al. 70).

Such is the Triforce; its aura irresistible and captivating. During Hylia’s time, demons arose from the depths of darkness in pursuit of it. Demise, the most powerful of these lurking demons, set his sights on the Triforce, his goal was to take over the land for himself (Gombos et al. 71). Hylia could not allow this, and a great battle commenced. Hylia had not the power to defeat him on her own and attempted to use the Triforce herself to keep Demise sealed away (Gombos et al. 71). The rules of the universe were set against her, as a goddess she could not use the Triforce, therefore the seal on his prison was feeble and vulnerable (Gombos et al. 71). As a result Hylia made the decision to renounce her divinity and, in the course of history, be reborn as a human (Gombos et al. 71). She left the race of the Sheikah as protectors of the Triforce and guards of the Demon King’s sealed dungeon (Gombos et al. 71). Such was the beginning of the Legend of Zelda, and the journey of the Hero of Time.

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